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5 Things that makes Clarke Title different from other closing companies

  1. Our attorneys and closing agents have accumulated decades of experience in real estate closings.

  2. Clarke Title has an "open door" policy for agents and lenders to ask questions, so we may assist them in preparing for your settlment. We make ourselves available for real estate agents and lenders to contact attorneys after hours, should the need arise, to answer questions and resolve issues.

  3. Attorneys at Clarke Title are consistently requested to provide education services for brokers, agents, and lenders.

  4. We focus on quality. Clarke Title is not a title factory. We do not focus on completing the most number of closings, but rather to complete closings accurately, with the least problems, and minimizing problems after the closing.

  5. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the settlement process, either through process improvements or adopting new technologies that allow us to offer you the best closing experience possible.

The Settlement Process

Many individuals are involved in the settlement process. The chart provides detail for the various activities and who is responsible for each step.

Settlement Process Flow Chart

Chart of Settlement Process

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    Frederick Co.  
    Frederick Gas 301-662-2151
    Potomac Edison 301-654-3317
    Water Department 301-694-1179
    Board of Education 301-694-1000
    Tax Information 301-694-1960
    Montgomery Co.  
    Washington Gas 703-750-1000
    PEPCO 202-833-7500
    WSSC 301-206-4001
    Rockville Water 301-309-3370
    Board of Education 301-279-3000
    Revenue (Taxes) 301-217-1070
    Washington, D.C.  
    Washington Gas 703-750-1000
    PEPCO 202-833-7500
    Water Department 202-442-8000
    Board of Education 202-724-4289
    Tax Information 202-727-6441